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Bamburgh Beadnell and Seahouses

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Villages in Time VILLAGE walks are available until further notice. Subject to the following conditions.

When booked in advance, each person in the party agrees to have available and wear properly and effectively throughout the walk, a face mask or visor, unless medical evidence is available to demonstrate this is not possible.

Social distancing of 6 feet/2 metres will be maintained by each participant throughout the walk.

On meeting to commence the walk, each person will utilise the hand sanitiser provided by Villages in Time prior to the walk beginning, and again at the end of the walk.

Subject to Government guidance, up to five people may participate in the walk. Family groups will be willing to share the illustration materials provided during the walk.

All material provided to illustrate the walk will be returned for sterilisation and re-use at the end of the walk.

Because of the need to be Covid-19 proof, walks will not be undertaken when the wind is gusting at more than 25mph. They will be cancelled or rearranged, depending on the customer need. Cancelled walks will be refunded fully other than a booking charge if bank charges have been levied.

Any failure to maintain social distancing, personal hygiene or full use of masks will result in that person or people being asked to leave the tour, or the tour being terminated without notice and without refund.